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Tá ceardlann eagraithe againn ar “Sábháltach ar an Idirlín”. Phiocamar an comhlacht Zeeko mar déanann siad suirbhé leis na daltaí sa scoil seo roimh teacht isteach sa scoil, mar sin beidh comheacs scoile ar an caint sin. Beidh ceardlann don thuismitheoirí an oíche sin. Tá costas do €10 ar na ceardlainn, caint leis na daltaí agus an oíche do thuismitheoirí.

Tá an costas sin suas ar VSWare anois.

We have organised a workshop on Internet Safety for our school community. We chose Zeeko to delivery this service as they collect data from our student population before they design their workshop, which gives a personalised context to our workshops. There is a cost for the research, student talk and parent talk is €10. This cost is on VSWare now.

Through these programmes we increase awareness of the risks associated with the Internet, specifically;


Digital Footprint

Online relationships

Excessive Screen Time

Inappropriate Content

The Internet and the Law