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Presentation to Parents on the 16th October 2017, 19.00-20.30 from SuperGeneration

All Parents welcome.

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2017 Super Generation – Brochure_WEB Colaiste Pobail Osra_Parents Seminar_Overview.


Introduces parents to the study skills techniques being taught as part of The Super
Generation student programme. This seminar is very practical and gives parents the
knowledge and skills needed to support their teenagers.
In particular it will look at:
 Profile your teenager – We all learn differently. Understand why your suggestions
may not work for them, and what will.
 Homework and study – Be very clear on the difference.
 The brain and memory – What is really going on?
 The POKER power hour-our unique study system
 Increase IQ focus and concentration – The brain is reading our body signals all
the time. Know how to give signals that prime the brain for optimum work.
 Study time management – Watching the clock is the best way to push productivity
through the roof!
 Why are they so good at forgetting? – 80% of what students learn today can be
forgotten in 24 hours if they don’t make a special effort to remember it.
 Environmental success – how food, sleep and exercise directly affect the brains
ability to process and retain information. You will know how to boost brain support.


Colaiste Pobail Osra_Parents Seminar_Overview.