Dréacht 10/7/18

23/08/2018 Cruinnithe Foirne Staff meetings
24/08/2018 Bliain 1      (8.50rn-1in) 1st year induction 8.50-1pm
27/08/2018 Bliain 1,3, 6 ar ais ar scoil ag 8:50  1st  3rd and 6th years only
28/08/2018 Gach bliain ar ais. All students in school
5/09/2018 Cruinnithe Scoile/inseirbhíse(4-6pm) Staff meeting
2/10/18 Cruinniú Tuismitheoirí Bliain 1. – 7i.n.

Cruinniú  Coiste na Tuismitheoirí 8i.n.

Meeting for 1st year parents -7pm

AGM Coiste na dtuismitheoirí -8pm

03/10/2018 Cruinnithe scoile/inseirbhíse(4-6pm) Staff meeting
02-10-2018 Ceardlann Scileanna Staidéar do daltaí /tuismitheoirí Study skills students/parents :.see website
24/10/2018 Cruinniú tuismitheoirí /múinteoirí/daltaí bliain 3    *** 3 rd year Parent teacher meeting
26/10/2018 Lár Téarma Midterm break-All schools will close from Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November 2018 inclusive
05/11/2018 Scoil oscailte School reopens
14/11/2018 Cruinniú Tuismitheoirí/Múinteoirí /dalta Bl 6           *** 6th year parent teacher meeting
05/12/2018 Cruinniú Tuismitheoirí/ múinteoirí  Bl 5                      *** 5th year Parent Teacher meeting
10/12/18  Scoil Dúnta School closed
11/12/18 Scoil Dúnta Staff meeting
Ceolchoirm na Nollag
18/12/2018 Scrúduithe na Nollag ag tosú Christmas exams commence
21/12/2018 Saoire na Nollag. Christmas holidays All schools will close on Friday 2 1 December 2018, which will be the final day of the school term
07/01/2019 Scoil oscailte School reopens
9/01/2019 Cruinnithe scoile/inseirbhíse ( 4-6pm) Staff meeting
16/01/2019 Cruinnithe tuismitheoirí/múinteoirí/daltaí Bl. 2        *** Parent/ Teacher meeting for Bl 2
28/01/2019 Réamhscrúdaithe sa tréimhse seo Mock exams for 3rd and 6th years.
06/02/2019 Cruinnithe tuismitheoirí múinteoirí Bliain 1

Oíche Eolais faoi Bl 4 ag 7.15                                           ***

1st years Parent Teacher meeting

TY information Evening

15/02/2019 Lár Téarma * Midterm All schools will close from Monday 18th February 2019 to Friday 22nd February unless changes are required to make up for lost time due to unforeseen school closures.
25/02/2019 Scoil oscailte School reopens
13/03/2019 Cruinnithe scoile/Inserbhis (4-6pm) Staff meeting
18/03/2019 La saoire banc Bank Holiday
19/3/2019  Scoil Dúnta School closed
12/04/2019 Saoire na Cásca Easter holidays. All schools will close on Friday 12th April 2019, unless changes are required to make up for lost time due to unforeseen school closures.
29/04/2019 Scoil oscailte School reopens
1/05/2019 Cruinnithe scoile/inseirbhíse (4-6pm)         Staff meeting
07/05/2019 Scoil Dúnta School closed
8/5/2019 Cruinniú Tuismitheoir/ Múinteoir bl. 4 Parent Teacher Meeting
15/05/2019 Cruinnithe scoile /Inseirbhíse  (4-6) TY Parent teacher  meeting
Oíche na nGradam Awards night
Oíche an 4ú Bliain 4th year Awards night
Oíche an 6ú Bliain 6th year graduation
27/05/2019 Scrúduithe Samhraidh Summer exams
31/06/2019 Saoire an tSamhraidh Summer holidays
15th-19th Oct 18 Seachtain 1. Taithí Oibre Ty Work experience 1
22nd-26thOct 18 Seachtain 2. Taithí Oibre Ty Work experience 2
1st-15th April Seachtain 3. Taithí Oibre Ty Work experience 3
8th-12th April Seachtain 4. Taithí Oibre Ty Work experience 4
*** School finishes at 3.45 for parent /teacher meetings  Meetings start at 4.15-6.45.pm