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Attending Coláiste Pobail Osraí

  Why is Coláiste Pobail Osraí so successful?

    • We meet the needs of each child as an individual.
    • Highly-skilled, supportive faculty.
    • Proactive pastoral and support system.
    • We create a sense of community, embedding a culture of togetherness and inclusivity.

Academic Excellence

All our students progress is regularly assessed and analysed both as classes and at subject department level. Different methods of assessments are used and recorded. School reports are issued to parents/guardians, and the progress and development of students are discussed at parent/teacher meetings or at other stages where necessary.

The introduction of classroom-based assessments at Junior Cycle level has transformed our style of teaching and assessment, further preparing students for the demands of leaving cert and third level assessment.

Above all we offer an excellent educational experience at Coláiste Pobail Osraí. Teachers and staff focus on the core needs of each individual student while also assisting them to strive for success through interactive, student-led, innovative teaching and learning styles. Each Individual is equipped with the necessary tools and skills to achieve their academic potential and to prepare them for life after secondary school. Over the last decade, three out of every four of our students have achieved above 400 points in the Leaving Cert and one student in every three have achieved above 500 points.

Structured Support

The school stresses the importance of pastoral care and aims at meeting the needs of each individual pupil, caring for his/her welfare and general progress. Form teachers, Guidance Counsellor, Principal and Deputy Principal work as a team in co-operation with parents/guardian. School policies and programmes covering personal and social development, health, homework, bullying and substance abuse are in place and are reviewed regularly.

Our Junior classes are supported in their academic and social development through Coláiste Pobail Osraí’s ‘Treoir’ programme. The keystone of this system is monthly individual support meetings between students and their class tutors or year heads. Academic progress and any impediments to improvement are reviewed. Social issues are discussed proactively in a safe environment allowing us to tackle problems at an early and usually minor stage. The outcomes of these meetings are shared with parents. This process helps us identify individuals’ specific needs and provide the necessary supports. These supports may take the form of additional language classes, additional help inside or outside classes or sometimes just a simple tweak of the teaching in class.

These supportive meetings work hand in hand with our positive behaviour support system. The core values of the school, including, excellence in learning, effort, positivity, Irish language, and mutual respect and courtesy are emphasised by our merit/demerit system and each student’s progress is recorded comprehensively and continuously. Parents have real-time access to this dynamic progress report.

Students grow personally and socially in a safe environment built on strong happy relationships. In this way the unique atmosphere of our school is preserved: a confident, competent, creative community respectful of differences and proud of who they are. This is what we wish for your child.

We invite you to join us.

What set the school apart for me was how accommodating it was of students’ strengths and interests. I always felt as if there was a project or group for me to take part in that was based around my own hobbies and strong points. Because of this, there was always such a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in the school. I never felt excluded or lost.

Maynooth University Postgraduate

I always felt that I could approach anybody in our school – teachers, students from all years. It’s a really friendly environment.

Second Year Student